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98 Points James Halliday


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P2 is the Second Plénitude of Dom Pérignon, the result of 16 years of elaboration. The wine is intense, vibrant and precise. Energy is at its peak.

In its Second Plénitude, invigorated by its additional years in the cellars, Dom Pérignon P2-1998 brazenly transcends the potential of the vintage. The opposing and complementary elements of its assemblage resound for an increasingly sharp intensity. Its aromatic persistence progresses like a wave that stimulates the penetrating nature of the wine. In P2-1998, the wine’s energy reaches its climax. Exalted in this Second Plénitude, Dom Pérignon’s dark, mineral, iodine, spiced singularity vibrates higher and clearer than ever.

When Dom Perignon released a second plenitude of its 1998 vintage, which remained cellared for 16 years, it was a cause for celebration of global proportions. The P2-1998 world tour kicked off last year at a secret event in Iceland, where guests were chauffeured between glaciers, volcanic lava fields and waterfalls, all alluding to the champagne’s unique qualities of mystery, minerality and magnetism. The party pushed on to the US with the P2 debut at Martha Stewart’s home in the Hamptons, where the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Sarah Jessica Parker sipped the vintage bubbles inside a geodesic dome custom-built for the occasion. The next stop was Australia — highly valued by Dom Perignon for its impact on global trends.

Dom Pérignon wines follow the rhythm of three plenitudes. Dom Pérignon P2, is the Plénitude of energy.

“Disgorged in 2010, held in the cellars for further development. Light gold colour, this is a quite beautiful wine, with intense, complex brioche and stone fruit flavours draped on a spinal cord of bright acidity. Headed to creamy/buttery notes as it matures into the P3 stage of the next five-plus years.” – 98 Points James Halliday







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