Krug Grand Cuvee

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97 Points Tyson Stelzer

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97 Points Tyson Stelzer

When Johann-Joseph Krug founded the Krug champagne house in 1843, his dream was to give his name to nothing less than an exceptional champagne.

To achieve this, he set himself a few rules, among which, first and foremost: never compromise on quality.

Six generations later, he would approve of his descendents’ consistent commitment to excellence. Krug is one of very few champagnes houses that produce only premium blends. This commitment to only the best quality and Krug’s unique expertise in champagne-making explain its worldwide reputation.

The wines are made from carefully selected chardonnay, pinot noir, and pinot meunier grapes. Krug is a guardian of Champagne tradition in still fermenting its wines in small oak barrels, which gives them an exceptional finesse.

Another signature of the Krug style, they are made to mature for at least 6 to 8 years, the reward of which is a distinctive complexity and the ability to age gracefully.

Each year, the members of the Krug family blend the different wines that 6 or 8 years later will maintain the high quality and style of their predecessors. Truly exceptional years are consecrated vintage blends.

“Grand Cuvée is more tense and fresh in its current late 2011 disgorgements than I have ever seen it. In spite of its profound maturity and inimitable complexity, it sings with a youthful definition that Krug has progressively refined in recent years. A zesty, crunchy amalgam of apple, pear and every form of citrus you can conjure opens into a maelstrom of molten wax, wisps of smouldering truffle, Christmas spice and kirsch. Decadently rich, extravagantly complex and thunderingly expansive, Grande Cuvée is a vinous champagne of multifaceted personality, yet ever-heightened tension and unerring focus, tapping into deep wells of scintillating, swirling minerality. Profound nuances of exotic spice flicker for minutes after you swallow. Every bit as enchanting as its legendary reputation promises, this is a champagne to drink slowly from large glasses, to witness an entire universe of captivating theatrics unfold as it warms. ” – 97 Points Tyson Stelzer

This is not parallel imported stock and comes straight from the Champagne house itself, ensuring quality control and excellence.





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