Morris Classic Liqueur Tokay 500ml

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This wine is produced from Rutherglen Tokay grapes (synonymous with Muscadelle) which are grown at their “Mia Mia” vineyard. The vines are reliant on natural rainfall only which rewards them with lower cropping vines that can produce fruit of high sugar levels and concentrated flavours.

Our Tokay grapes are selected for harvesting usually between 15° to 16° baumé, crushed and allowed to start fermentation. Once the desired baumé level is reached, pressing occurs, then a high strength neutral spirit is added to arrest the fermentation. The wine is then pumped into casks for the maturation process to occur. When the blending occurs, a selection of wines from different vintages is chosen, each contributing special characteristics to make a wine with complexity of age, youthfulness, freshness of flavour and consistency of style.

Mid amber with slight green highlights. A concentrated nose showing great depth of malty Tokay character. The palate is complex, intense and luscious, combined with freshness. A superb Tokay.



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