Rockford Basket Press Shiraz 2015

Barossa Valley


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Rockford Basket Press

Uniquely Australian, it’s loaded with rich ripe fruit flavour and very fine tannin – it’s a big old fashioned red that will put a smile on the faces of all those who drink it – but the biggest smiles will belong to those who are patient enough to put it away in the cellar for ten years.

Writing the description for Basket Press is always the hardest – too short a description would be doing the wine an injustice, too long and I might bore you to tears. Feeling curious, I typed basket press (not including the name Rockford) into a search engine on the internet. After a few clangs, whistles and whirs (Malcolm’s good old NBN) up popped hundreds and hundreds of references – to Rockford Basket Press Shiraz!

It’s funny how, being so close to this wine, I sometimes lose sight of just how special it is to so many people. I love being reminded. What this wine represents is so much more than the liquid in the bottle. For me, it represents an era when things were crafted, when winemakers accepted that making wine took time; that it could not be rushed. There were no short cuts and the price of production was exactly that, not something that the numbers people cut to the bone every year.

Basket Press Shiraz represents a region, state and country that is proud of its winemaking heritage and wears it as a badge of honour. Yes, it’s labour intensive to make wine like this, and yes, we can only make so much wine in our tiny winery using equipment that is over 100 years old. To compromise any of our core principles would be like tearing out the heart that makes this business tick.

Produced with selected small parcels of old, dry grown Barossa Shiraz from nearly thirty of the Barossa’s finest grape growing families. The vineyards are situated in different sub-regions throughout the Barossa, which adds to the complexity and depth of flavours. The wine is hand made using equipment from the turn of the last century, then aged in American and French oak for two years. All this contributes to our objective to make the very highest quality traditional, soft, deep coloured, earthy Australian red wine which will bottle age. – Source Rockford Winery